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One of the leading job portals that provide full-cycle resourcing and recruitment services for both local and foreign employers, job seekers, and academic institutions. The website offers individual profile sections for employers as well as job-seeking candidates. The job search function on the website offers multiple search categories and search criteria to narrow down search results based on the preferences of the user. Exploreture is a custom WordPress development that uses MySQL database services and a specific set of plugins to cater to different employers who are registered. These employer-specific plugin systems are used to filter the receiving job applications that are specific to several employers. The responsiveness of the website is enhanced with the intention of delivering a better user experience among a variety of devices. Softvil utilizes the CV bank of Exploreture to collect ideal candidate profiles for talent sourcing for clients all around the world.


A Sri Lankan software research and development company that offers software development services to both local and foreign clients. The main focus areas of LankaSolution are developing enterprise-grade software solutions, web, mobile, and IoT application development. The experience of the company is based in the industries of telecommunications, augmented reality, and software research and development. Two of Sri Lanka’s leading telco giants are among the top priority clients of Lanka Solution. Softvil’s engineering resources are continuously deployed on an outsourced basis in multiple projects of Lanka Solution.


A next-generation mobility and human augmentation R & D company that focuses on robotic avatar systems that enhance human capabilities. The initial key requirement of Avatarin was to scale up its engineering capacity by integrating with an external development team. After a thorough analysis of Avatarin’s concept and technical requirements, we built a team with our top-level AR resources that have the potential to deliver the requirements. Additionally, Avatarin hired a few new software engineers directly via Softvil to work in line and get familiarized with the development process, and join the Japanese engineering team. As the resourcing partner, Softvil managed the overall HR-related activities, technical guidance, and arrangement of remote workspaces for direct hires of Avatarin.


Newtonis Technologies is a bespoke software solutions provider that has the expertise in big data analytics, blockchain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and FinTech. Softvil has managed to strengthen the engineering capacity of Newtonis Technologies by providing a dedicated team that works under the guidance of a project manager who is responsible for all deliveries. The team we provided was able to drastically reduce the lead time of the development process as a result of successful integration between our team and Newtonis in-house teams.


Blockchainix is an immutable and non-repudiable digital asset manager that uses blockchain technology. The Singaporean development team of Blockchainix was in need of expanding their development capacity by involving an outsource development partner. Softvil approached Blockchainix with a couple of senior blockchain development resources that were priorly interviewed and selected based on the technical requirements of Blockchainix. The final interviews were held with Blockchainix to complete the final stage of the selection process. Afterward, the selected profiles were integrated as an external team of blockchain engineers who are currently engaged with the Singaporean development team to build up innovative blockchain-based products. Our goal was to eliminate the recruitment and other HR-related efforts of the entire process for Blockchainix by our sourcing module that consists of a price-per-candidate payment plan.


Commendo is a blockchain expert that develops solutions using a composable multi-chain platform to help businesses accelerate their potential and prosper with blockchain technology. Similar to Blockchainix, Commendo’s main requirement was to increase its engineering capacity with an outsourcing reinforcement. We were able to provide a set of experienced candidates that possess multiple years of experience in multi-chain platforms. These profiles were easily sourced from Exploreture, our very own resource recruitment handle that saves a lot of our time.


Topra specializes in implementing IFS CMMS/ IFS CMMS-based ERP solutions to world-leading maritime corporations as well as oil and gas companies across the globe. Their key services include CMMS data building and data extraction from CMMS systems. Topra operates as an authorized channel partner for IFS by implementing and providing support services IFS solutions. After a thorough analysis of Topra’s product portfolio and technical requirements, Softvil built a team with our top-level ERP development resources that have the potential to deliver the requirements. Following an agile-based process, the project management teams of both Topra and Softvil agreed on a clear road map with a set of key milestones to be achieved. Our experienced PMO managed to maintain a streamlined remote work environment throughout the process. Continuous communication among the teams played the main role here making it easy to progress as planned. One of our main intentions was to maintain the quality of work adhering to international quality standards. Eventually, our efforts made us add more value to Topra’s development work.



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